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About Us

Founded in 1989, The Toy Barn takes pride in providing a wide variety of quality wholesale stuffed animals and plush toys to customers throughout the world. Toy Barn plans to expand our toy offerings for the 2017 year so stay tuned. Company founder and President Jack Mann insists on high quality, superior customer service and innovative concepts and designs to create value in an ever changing industry. We offer single item sales to entire direct ship containers delivered to your door. Our customers include private individuals, retailers, wholesalers, disaster and trama relief coordinators, school districts, charities, churches, medical offices, carnivals, fairs, and fundraising organizations to name a few.


For the past 30 years, we have been selling stuffed animals and plush toys from some of the largest names in the industry to individuals and organizations around the world. In addition we also carry hundreds of styles of our own exclusive brands including "The Toy Barn", "Funny Farm Friends", "My Huggables",  "Sucha Punks" and many more.  We pride ourselves on being a reliable source for anyone who needs plush, regardless of the quantity: from loving parents buying a new plush toy to publically traded companies requiring several shipping containers of product.

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